Excursions and Camps

At Killara we try to actively involve students in their own learning. Excursions and Incursions are an important way of providing this involvement.


Throughout the school year children will go on excursions or experience incursions so that they will have direct experiences related to their class studies.


These are carefully planned to allow for new learning to occur. These excursions/incursions are an integral part of your child’s education and we expect that all children will participate.


Excursions and Incursions

In order to provide a range of stimulating experiences for our students, we hold excursions and incursions.

Excursions range in cost, but reflect the transport and entry costs. In general, excursions can range from around the $20 $25 mark up to $50 depending on distance and costs.

Incursions are a successful way of providing some experiences at lower cost. Incursions are usually less than $10. Parents can expect an incursion or an excursion each year.

Occasional whole school incursions are also organised to enhance and stimulate learning. These include visiting theatre groups, visiting authors, Life Education and others. Overall there is likely to be 2 or 3 of these events each year. We also have the Footsteps/STOMP dance program during the year, which is highly enjoyed by the students.

Some of the excursions and incusions that occured at Killara Last year included:

- Year 5 Kinder Visits

- CERES Environmental Excursion

- Sovereign Hill

- Melbourne Water Treatment Plant

- Hatching of Chickens

- Wild Action

- Farm Yard Visit

- LEGO Excursion

- Year 3/4 Camp and 5/6 Camps

- Advertising Local Walk

- Drug Education Rotation Day

- Secondary Transition Day

- High School Visits

- Musical Incursion from Secondary Colleges

- Professor Bunsen


Camps at Killara have traditionally been very well supported and are held each year in years 3-6.

Costs associated with camps include transport, accommodation, activities/staffing and food. We always aim to keep the cost of camps as low as possible. Camps are generally in the vicinity of $250 - $270, depending on the activities, accommodation and transport costs.

This year, students are looking forward to visiting:

Year 3/4: Lady Northcote Recreational Camp in Bacchus Marsh in November

Year 5/6: Camp Rumbug in Foster North.

We look forward to providing photos of our camps and incursions on this page throughout the year.