Statement of Values and School Philosophy

At Killara Primary School, we foster a positive and inclusive school culture where authentic partnerships between the school and home are valued. Our school is a place which promotes a strong sense of 'community', where all students are known, cared for and supported in all endeavours.


We have an unwavering focus on improving student outcomes using evidence-based research consistently across the school to implement high impact learning and wellbeing programs.




Our motto, 'Our Best - Every Child, Every Day' is at the heart of everything we do at Killara. We place a strong emphasis on being part of a team, and this is achieved through the lens of each individual student being given every opportunity to experience and produce 'our best' each day.




Killara's vision is to develop caring, confident, resilient and curious learners who thrive on challenges and embrace opportunities.




Killara Primary School's mission is to provide all students with a positive, respectful, and collaborative learning environment which promotes excellence for all. We empower students to flourish in their learning, their relationships with others and in their local community.




Killara Primary School's values are respect, resilience and accountability:

  • Respect - act in a way that shows you care about others' feelings and well being
  • Resilience - the ability to bounce back after challenges and tough times
  • Accountability - understand that mistakes happen, but they are responsible for making amends when those mistakes happen