Active Paths

The Active Paths initiative is about making it easier for students that want to ride walk, scoot or skate to school.

Active Paths are designated routes to school that have been identified in conjunction with the local council and the school community. The paths are selected based locally identified features such as:

  • The most direct route
  • Minimisation of known traffic and bus routes
  • Locality of good pedestrian infrastructure and
  • Walkable catchments to the school

They are designed to make the journey as clear, popular and fun as possible. This provides the school community a network of routes that allow all students to actively travel at least part of the way on their journey to school.

Benefits for schools and students:

  • Reduced traffic congestion outside the school
  • Students arrive alert and ready to learn
  • Students that actively travel contribute to their daily amount of physical activity.


Please note:


Shown below are the paths that have been designated for Friday the 29th of April which will be lead by a range of teachers and commending departure from Phillip Drive, Milk Bar and Southern Path at 8.30 am sharp.


On launch day, the teachers walking The Milk Bar Path will depart from the start point at 8:20 am.