Killara Primary School offers many programs, both in and outside of school hours. Detailed below are some of the programs we offer:


Before School Care/After School Care – 
During the School Term:
Before School: 7am-8.45am
After School: 3.30pm- 6.30pm


Art –
All students have a weekly lesson in our well equipped and resourced art room with a specialist art teacher.

Japanese –

Japanese is Killara Primary's LOTE program (Language other than English). This program is across the school from Prep to Year 6 and is run by classroom teachers.


Physical Education -
All students have a weekly lesson in Physical Education. This lesson can be taken in our gymnasium or outside on our paved courts or oval. Lessons are designed to improve students sporting skills and fitness levels.


Music/Performing Arts –
All students have a weekly lesson in either our Music room or Theatre.


Music Keyboard Program –
Students have the opportunity to learn music keyboard as Primary Music Institute conducts lessons for individuals or small groups once a week.


School Choir –
Our school choir is 60 members strong and auditions are held each year for students wishing to join the choir. The choir performs at a range of venues throughout the year.


Sport Teams –
Upper school students have several opportunities to compete in competitive sport against other schools or individuals. Every Friday afternoon, students get the opportunity to try new sports and practice for our sports teams.


Camping –
School camps for Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6 students are held each year at various venues. 



In addition to this, every two years we offer year 5/6 students the chance to undertake a 9 day camp at Somers Camp. This is a great addition to our outdoor recreation program and a camp that students learn to challenge themselves, meet new friends and engage with the environment.