Senior School



A big warm welcome to all our Year 5/6 students; both those who have been at Killara for some time, and those who are new to our school in 2018. We are very excited about the term ahead and have a range of fun and engaging activities planned, including our Year 5/6 Camp to Camp Rumbug in Forster. This will take place in Week 6 and know that this is a great opportunity for students to form new relationships with others and strengthen existing relationships in an alternate environment from our standard school setting. More information about Camp will be sent home over the coming weeks. 

5/6 TEAM


Room 5 - Rebecca Armistead & Shannon Ingleton

Room 6 - Stuart Mills

Room 7 - Alex Pernice 

Room 8 - John Boland

Room 9 -Chelsea O'Meara

Room 10 - Susan Moloney

Room 17-  Robyn Smith


Team Leader - Kathryn Adams


As an additional form of communication, parents are encouraged to contact staff  via email for non urgent issues. As per Killara Email Protocols, matters of a sensitive nature requiring confidentiality may be better referred to phone calls or a face-to-face meeting. 

These email contacts are supplied for direct use between parents and teachers and should not be appropriated for any other purpose.

We ask that parents please refrain from entering classrooms in the mornings and afternoon without first arranging a meeting time. Mornings are essential for being set up and organised for our day ahead. We understand that there may be a matter of urgency and are quite accomodating, however if it is something that you could communicate via email or arrange an appropriate time, we'd appreciate it and thank you for your support.





To begin the school year teachers have discussed Killara’s Rights and Responsibilities with all students to ensure all students’ feel safe and comfortable at school. Our school’s RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, as outlined in our Student Engagement Policy, are listed below.



· Everyone has the right to be safe and comfortable at school

· Everyone has the right to do as much work as possible


· Personal Responsibility (I do the right thing)

· Communal Responsibility (I encourage others to do the right thing)






The 1:1 netbook program for 5/6 students at Killara is dependent on all students bringing their device each day. If students continually leave their device at home or bring it to school uncharged, it will inhibit their classroom teacher’s ability to include them in purposeful digital tasks. 


Students will not be provided opportunities to charge their netbooks at school.



Year 5/6 students will be expected to complete approximately 30 minutes of home learning each night, as outlined in our Home Learning Policy. Some of this time will be used to complete the following tasks each week:


·         It is an expectation that all Year 5/6 students read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Parents are kindly asked to sign/initial in their child’s Student Diary to indicate that their child has completed their nightly reading.

·         Students will be provided with weekly spelling words and will participate in weekly spelling tests on a day designated by your child’s teacher. Spelling words are chosen from your child’s own writing on a needs basis. Students should practise their words each night.

·         Students will need to practise a range of mathematics facts based on their ability and need. Students can practise these verbally with family members or can use a flash card style system to assist in recall of these basic facts. The automatic recall of these facts is important to assist with mathematics tasks in class.




Blogging is a great way for classes to connect with each other as well as with the outside world. We encourage parents and students to explore our classroom blogs (and we love receiving comments!)






Upcoming Events and Important Dates 


2nd March

Clean Up Australia Day for Schools



7th March- 9th March

Year 5/6 Camp Rumbug



12th March

Labour Day Public Holiday



13th March

Curriculum Day



29th March

Last day of Term 1


Staff Email Addresses

A reminder that 5/6 Team members can be contacted at the below email addresses:


Room 5, 5/6A - Rebecca Armistead & Shannon Ingleton &



Room 6, 5/6B - Stuart Mills



Room 7, 5/6C - Alex Pernice



Room 8, 5/6D - John Boland



Room 9, 5/6E - Chelsea O'Meara





Room 10. 5/6F - Susan Moloney

Room 17, 5/6G - Robyn Smith